We understand that when buying online you might have a few questions that you need answers to in order to make the best decisions possible. Below is a selection of the most commonly asked questions, but please feel free to CONTACT US if you have something else you would like to ask.



What age can my child start riding on my bike with me?

The Bobike Mini, Maxi and Tour seats are suitable for children from approximately 9 months old, or 9kgs in weight. The most important thing is that your child is strong enough to be able to sit upright unassisted, and be able to support the weight of a helmet.


How long will my child be able to ride on my bike with me in a Bobike seat?

The Bobike Mini (Classic, Exclusive & ONE) have an upper weight limit of 15kgs, or approximately 3 years of age.

The Bobike Maxi (Classic, Exclusive & ONE) and Tour Exclusive have an upper weight limit of 22kgs, or approximately 6 years of age.

The Bobike Junior is suitable for older children, of 20-35kgs, or approximately 5 to 10 years of age. This seat has a lap belt rather than a 3 point shoulder harness, so is not suitable for younger children


What is the difference between the different Bobike ranges?

Bobike make 3 distinct ranges of child seats, Classic, ONE & Exclusive. Each has their own set of features, as described below.

Bobike Classic 

The Classic Bobike seats are the style that has been around the longest, and are easily recognisable in many images of Dutch parents riding with their children! More that 3 million of the front mounted Mini Classic have now been sold worldwide!

Bobike ONE

The Bobike ONE range is Bobikes newest range out, and the winner of a GIO award for good industrial design. Bobike have added some great new features, and the range of 7 colours means there is bound to be one that takes your fancy!

Bobike Exclusive

The Bobike Exclusive range is the top end of the Bobike range, with some great unique features, and classy styling. The range won an IF Design Award, and was also selected by the Dutch consumer organisation as "Best in Test" and "Best Buy" a few years ago when they did a comprehensive overview of bike seats.


Bobike Classic

Bobike ONE

Bobike Exclusive


Classic Mini

Classic Maxi

Classic Junior

ONE Mini

ONE Maxi 

Exclusive Mini

Exclusive Maxi

Exclusive Tour 


  GIO Award for good industrial design

IF Design Award

Best in Test and Best Buy awarded by Dutch consumer organisation


screw securely into place adjust at the press of a button adjust at the press of a button


soft cushion removable for washing or replacement water and shock absorbing EVA cushion integrated into seat soft cushion removable for washing or replacement


webbing straps clip securely into place at the crotch

lap belt on Junior

updated buckle design

webbing straps come complete with soft shoulder pads, and easy adjustment system

unique system that clicks into place at shoulder, making it easy to secure in place when a has helmet on

offers support, and keeps child in an upright position even if they fall asleep 

Handlebar for front seat

not available optional extra  integrated turning handlebar

Windscreen for front seat

compatible with ONE windscreen optional extra optional extra

Front mounting system

Universal Bracket Universal Bracket Universal Bracket

Optional front mounts

A-Head Bracket A-Head Bracket A-Head Bracket

Rear mounting system

Frame mount

Click & Go system

Carrier mount
Frame or carrier mount

Click & Go system

Carrier mount
Frame or carrier mount


Should I choose a front or rear mounted seat?

Front mounted seats are suitable from 9 to 15kgs, or approximately 9 months to 3 years, and rear mounted seats from 9 to 22kg, or approximately 9 months to 6 years, or in the case of the Junior up to 10 years.

It can be tempting to go immediately into a rear mounted seat, however many people find that the front mounted seats offer a better experience for both the cyclist and their little passenger. It is easier to chat and see how your little one is coping with the new experiences. It also offers them such a brilliant view, and they can really feel like an active part of the ride, rather than a passive passenger.

Many riders also find front mounted seats provide a better balanced ride, as the seat is between the two wheels, so the centre of gravity of the bike is not affected so much as with a rear mounted seat, where the weight is at the back of the bike.

The rear mounted seats do have advantages though, the biggest of these being that you can have a much older child on your bike with you. In fact the Junior is designed to take a child up to 10 years old! The rear mounted seats can also sometimes provide a more comfortable ride when dealing with smaller bike frames, as sometimes in this situation there isn't enough knee clearance with a front mounted bike.