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Frame Lock - Defender Frame Lock - Defender Defender Frame Lock Defender Frame Lock
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When it comes to locking your bike, often the choice is between convenince and safety - well not any more! The AXA range of frame locks are the ideal solution. Attached to the frame of your bike, you have the security of knowing it will always be there when you need it, and on its own is a great option if you are nipping into the dairy, or sitting in view of your bike at your local! For slightly longer parking situations, the addition of a plug in cable or local massively increases the security level by allowing you to lock your bike to a fixed object, but still with the convenience of a single key!

The Defender is AXA's top selling lock, a high quality frame lock with an innovative design and the option to link a plug in cable or chain to the lock so you can lock your bike to a fixed object. 

The Defender ring lock offers optimal safety with its anti drilling cylinder and hardened steel bracket. The ergonomic design of the push button and the luxurious foldable key with online key service offer you maximum comfort.

The 49mm opening fits most tyres, but if you need something a bit bigger you can check out either the Solid Plus or the Block XXL. 

The AXA Defender can be mounted in several different ways, either screwed directly to the frame if it has the necessary holes, or with one of the fittings which are available separately. The Pink Defender comes complete with Flexible Mounting strips, however other colours do not.

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