How it all began....

I thought it only fitting that for my very first blog post, I tell you about how all this began!

Like so many New Zealanders (of my age at least) a lot of my childhood was spent on my bike. From the time I could ride, until many many years later when I got my first car, my bike was my freedom. It got me to wherever I needed to go, without needing to depend on anyone to get me there. I didn't think too much about it, and my bike was nothing fancy - a blue Raleigh 10 speed that used to belong to my mum. The important thing was what it could do for me!

Jump forward about 20 years, and I made my first ever trip to Copenhagen. I was pretty much instantly smitten with the hoards of people getting about on their bikes, and I wanted to be a part of that. I decided that when we got home, we needed bikes of our own. Well, that turned out to be easier said than done! While I found that New Zealand had an abundance of bike shops, they were all filled to the brim with bikes that were clearly designed for sport - mountain biking and road biking - and not for the cruising around town that I had in mind! I immediately started dreaming of importing beautiful, graceful, european style bikes, so that all of New Zealand could get around like the Danes do! What with one thing and another this dream didn't happen, but I did get a couple of lovely looking Italian bikes from us, so I was happy!

Jump forward a couple of years, and we had added a baby to our little family. We really wanted to be able to take him out with us on our bikes, and so I started research which bike seats would be the best for him. I settled on the Dutch brand Bobike, as I read great things about them online, and they had a reputation for safety. I checked where I could buy one, and found they weren't available in New Zealand!!

And so my business began! Bobike was the first range I started bringing into the country, and I have been hunting out great cycling gear ever since! Some of these ranges, like the AXA frame locks, have been because I've been looking for great products that are popular in Europe, but just about unheard of here, and others, like the Lekker bikes have come from my own need, when I was needing to upgrade to a more practical, better quality bike!

I hope you enjoy the treasures I've hunted out as much as I do, and if there is anything else you've been looking for, I would always love to hear from you. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime!


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