COVID-19 Update

Updated 27 April 2020

With the country shifting to Level 3 as of tomorrow, I am very pleased that I will be able to resume delivering orders to all my customers.

I would like to thank everyone who has placed orders already for their continued patience - I will be getting these orders out to you ASAP! I really appreciate your support over this time.

There are a couple of things that will be different in how things run for my business under level 3:

  • There will most likely be delays on the couriers side of things. They will have a lot of deliveries to get through from orders that have been placed during lockdown, and I have been informed they are not yet operating at full capacity, due to the need for physical distancing withing the workplace. Priority is being given to medical, pharmaceutical and educational deliveries.
  • I will be shipping orders on Mondays and Fridays. Schools have asked that kids only return if you have to work outside the home, and at this stage I don't feel it appropriate to take my kids into work. This means it isn't feasible for me to send orders every day.
  • I will be taking extra precautions in terms of personal sanitation prior to packing orders, and with regards to my packing station. In addition to this, I am taking measures to ensure that I am the only person able to access my stock room.
  • All deliveries will be made in a contactless manner by couriers who are now quite experienced in the safety protocols around this. 

Thanks again for your patience during this crazy time!

Stay safe out there,

Happy biking



Updated 14 April 2020

With the slight loosening of restrictions regarding shipping of essential non-food items, I have been looking carefully at how this impacts the products I sell, and what I am able to help my customers with. 

I am now able to send items like bike lights or locks TO ESSENTIAL WORKERS WHO NEED THEIR BIKE TO ATTEND WORK. If you place an order for items and need it straight away, please contact me via email to ensure that I send it out to you, otherwise I will assume that you are happy to wait until restrictions are lifted.

I have decided to offer everyone a discount code on everything in my store, so that you can get sorted for biking ASAP once restrictions lift. Simply enter the code ICANWAIT at checkout for 15% off storewide. This discount is available until shipping restrictions lift, at which point I will send your order ASAP. I am also happy for essential workers to use this code for items they need immediately, as my way of saying thanks so much for the work you are doing for us all!!

I know many people have been biking more during this period and are keen to keep doing so as we move down the alert levels. If you want to get sorted with a child seat for your little one, a bag for taking on your bike once you get back to work, or helmets for the family, I'm here to help, and will be able to send these out to you ASAP once restrictions ease! Feel free to shoot me an email if you need help choosing the right items for you and your bike!

Stay safe out there!

Happy biking,


The Urban Cyclist. X


Updated 9pm 25 March 2020

I've been watching for updates throughout the day as to whether it is actually OK for me to sending shipments out to customers. My gut feeling was that I didn't want to take capacity away from couriers that could otherwise be used for essential services, and perhaps unduly put them at risk. Everything I have read and heard today has supported this feeling, and so I have decided that at this stage I will not be shipping any further orders I recieve. 


Stay safe, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.


25 March 2020

I've been asked by numerous customers if I will be open over the Covid-19 isolation period, and I have needed to look carefully at whether this is possible and appropriate. 

I have spoken with my courier companies and they have assured me they are happy to continue with deliveries for my business. There may be delays, as they will of course be prioritising essential products and services.

In addition to this my stockroom is in a building that no one else will be accessing over this period, and so I am able to prepare orders without being in contact with others, or exposing my family to additional risk. 

At this stage I have decided to process orders twice a week, on Monday and Thursday. I will also be available throughout this period by phone and email to answer people's questions, and help make decisions about things like which child seat might fit your bike best.

It is my understanding that bikes serve a couple of important roles during this uncertain time - they allow people working in essential services to get to work in a safe and isolated manner, and supporting these vital workers must be one of our top priorities at this time. Biking has also been recognised as an activity that people are able to do in their local area for both exercise and enjoyment, as it enables them to get out of their house and still ensure they maintain an appropriate distance from others.

I will however be following the guidelines issued by the Govenment, and if they communicate that it is not consiered acceptable to continue to supply my customers I will of course cease to do so immediately.

I wish you and your family well during this time. Keep safe. Keep well. Kia kaha.


The Urban Cyclist

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