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Who is The Urban Cyclist?

 Hi, and welcome to The Urban Cyclist!

Several years ago, I made my first ever trip to the home country of my (now) husband - Denmark. It is fair to say that I fell in love with Copenhagen, and was utterly inspired by the flocks of people getting around this gorgeous city on their bikes. I came home and promptly bought bikes for the two of us, and started dreaming about selling beautiful european style bike goodies to New Zealanders.

Jump forward a few years, and we'd added a kid to the mix, and were starting to think about how to take him biking with us. I did masses of research and decided a Bobike seat was the one for us - but it wasn't available in New Zealand!! And so it began! I started my business with the Bobike range, and have been busy hunting out great gear ever since.

I'd love to hear what thing's you're looking for to make your bike rides that bit better!

Emma Jonsson, The Urban Cyclist. x

Adventures in Urban Cycling

COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The Urban Cyclist will not be shipping orders to customers over the Covid-19 Level 4 isolation period.


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What makes a great city bike? How I learned from my mistakes

What makes a great city bike? How I learned from my mistakes

Several years ago when I bought my first city bike, I didn’t really know what I wanted – I was pretty clear about what I didn’t want (a mountain bike, or a road bike!!), but apart from the fact that I wanted it to look good, I really didn’t have...

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A weekend family adventure, by bike.

A weekend family adventure, by bike.

A fun family outing by bike. One of the things that we really love to do as a family is head out for bike rides. As parents we really want to encourage our kids to incorporate physical movement as a part of their everyday life, and as such we do...

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Customer reviews


Lekker Jordaan

It’s been a while since I rode a bike and I’d forgotten just how much you see, hear and feel when cycling. I love the sense of sailing along on my Jordaan, it’s light yet feels solid and I love it’s refined and classic styling. The team offer an excellent service - I could not have asked for better. Mandy R


AXA Defender

I am enjoying using my new frame lock, which arrived very fast and was easy to install on my bike. A great alternative to clumsy D locks, especially when paired with the matching cable or chain. Andrew M


Bobike Maxi

This seat is superb. I bought this to use on my cargo bike with m y daughter and I LOVE it. When other kids are complaining of a sore bum on an hour long ride my daughter is comfortable and happy, and sometimes even has fallen asleep. Can't recommend this seat highly enough. Comfortable, well made, practical, easy to mount. Shoulder straps are so easily adjustable. Well worth the investment. Kirsten